Adult Bible Hour Classes

Adult Bible Hour Classes

Bible Hour classes are offered each Sunday morning at 10:00am. We pray you will find them to be a great blessing and that the Spirit of God would use them to help you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Book of Matthew

Ministry Focus: Anyone

Teachers: Dan Strom

In this class we will look at Jesus and his purpose for coming as recorded by Matthew. Some recurring themes will be quickly noticed such as the kingdom of Heaven, Jesus as the Messiah, major teaching by Jesus and fulfillment of prophecy. While we will see what Matthew recorded, we will also be doing some personal study and reflection as we all grow as disciples of Jesus. Come join us!


Grace 201

Ministry Focus: Anyone

Teachers: Bill Gasser

A comprehensive discipleship class designed to help you build your personal relationship with Christ. Suitable for new believers as well as mature saints.


The Book of 2nd Corinthians

Ministry Focus: College & Young Professionals

Teachers: Dennis Toll

We all grapple with questions about our relationship to Jesus, ‭to others in the church, and to the pains and struggles of life. Join us this school year as we work our way through Paul's powerful second letter to the church in Corinth. We will learn about life, ministry, and what it means to live in community for Christ.


International Bible Hour Class

Ministry Focus: Internationals

Teacher: Leon Brown

What is godly character? How does God develop this in His people? We will learn what the Bible teaches about becoming transformed in our character through a personal relationship with Jesus.


Mark: Christ the Servant

Ministry Focus: Bereans

Teacher: Bill Bockus

This class uses a discussion format to study the Bible. We answer prepared questions about the verses being studied to bring out “additional insights” and “personal applications.”


Women’s Bible Hour Class

Teacher: Ginger Olson & Carol Huebner

Ladies join us on Sunday mornings as we dive into God’s word in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah.


Grace 101

Grace 101 doubles as a membership prerequisite and “get-to-know Grace Baptist Church” class.  We are offering a condensed version this Summer from 12:30pm to 3:00pm.  Lunch will be provided. This one-time class will be offered on October 9th and November 6th.

Teacher: Clint Antholz