Adult Bible Hour Classes

Adult Bible Hour Classes

Bible Hour classes are offered each Sunday morning at 10:00am. We pray you will find them to be a great blessing and that the Spirit of God would use them to help you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Book of Job

Ministry Focus: Anyone

Teachers: Eric Carter

Beyond the basic story of Job we remember from Sunday School, the focus of this study will be the big questions addressed between Job's tragedy and his restoration: Why do bad things happen to "good" people? Why does God seem absent when we are hurting? Why doesn't He seem to answer us when we need Him the most? Why do we obey God - because we want to receive His blessing or because it is right? How can we be true friends and comforters to those who are hurting? Ultimately, can we trust God?



Ministry Focus: Anyone

Teachers: Alan Gerling

What does it mean to worship God? How does our understanding of worship impact our lives, our families, and our gathering together? Join us as we explore what the Bible has to say about worship.


International Bible Hour Class

Ministry Focus: Internationals

Teacher: Leon Brown & Bob Cox

This semester the International Bible Class will continue our exploration of the Gospel of Luke as we seek to understand the teachings of Jesus and the significance of His Work to our lives.


Mark: Christ the Servant

Ministry Focus: Bereans

Teacher: Bill Bockus

This class uses a discussion format to study the Bible. We answer prepared questions about the verses being studied to bring out “additional insights” and “personal applications.”


Women’s Bible Hour Class

Teacher: Ginger Olson

Join us as we study Nehemiah on Sunday mornings.


Grace 101

Grace 101 doubles as a membership prerequisite and “get-to-know Grace Baptist Church” class.  We are offering a condensed version this Spring from 12:30pm to 3:00pm.  Lunch will be provided. This one-time class will be offered on June 26.

Teacher: Clint Antholz